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With an enhanced algorithm and Artificial Intelligence powered by IBM Watson, analyzing the sentiments of users' reactions in a network has not produced better insights.

The Sentigraph Index (SGI) is a scalar that depicts the sentiment value of a given set of data e.g. tweets associated with a twitter hashtag.


Process Flow

Obtain useful insights by generating the SGI of any data using the SGI Miner API. Follow our channels and subscribe to our newsletters for updates on the API.

Use Cases

Any business, or persons interested in discovering the real-time "feeling" or "pulse" of users reacting in a network to a given subject (price of a stock, political event, sports event, and many more)

For instance, an artist seeking to know if a music concert is favored by her fans. Another example is an active investor seeking to analyze investor sentiments corresponding to Apple stock (#AAPL)

Token Model

EMOT, the emotional token

EMOT is the token used in the Sentigraph ecosystem. It will be used to incentivize developers to build applications that leverage the SGI. These applications such as financial and trading applications, betting applications, social media applications, online & video games, will be hosted in the platform's Marketplace. Our pioneer applications are the Emotional Volatility Prediction, and the Sentigraph Hashtag Reports .

EMOT will be used to compute the SGI in decentralized applications.

All EMOT tokens have been created and issued by Tobius Group and do not belong to Sentigraph Inc.


28,000 EMOT

EVP, Emotional Volatility Prediction

This is a decentralized application, similar to binary options, that incentives participants to predict the SGI direction of popular twitter hashtags. EMOT tokens will be used by participants to make these predictions. More about EVP.

SHR, Sentigraph Hashtag Reports

This is a unique application that fosters the curation of reports from the interpretation of SGI trends of hashtags. The reports are vetted by experts in the SHR sub-ecosystem that explain the trend. The uniqueness of the SHR stems from the “touch” of human intelligence embedded into the reports. Our partner companies are able to purchase these reports, which will also be available in the Reports Marketplace. EMOT will be used to reward Intepreters and Validators.


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Market research, Use case analysis and gathering, Idea tweaking, team building, Algorithm, whitepaper v1 planning, landing page design



Incorporation of company, ideation, planning of the Sentigraph Ecosystem, Market research, product research. White paper detailing of the Sentigraph Ecosystem, SGI algorithm, SGI Simulator, partnerships with Vanbex, Use Case research, Access Token (EMOT) economy planning with Tobius Group


Partnerships, Legal structuring, Scaling team, establishing token economy advisory board


Small Online Public Offering (OPO) with StartEngine


Development of the SGI Miner API (Alpha Phase)



Filing patents for the SGI Miner system, Architecting, Planning and Development of the SHR. Development of the SGI Miner API (Beta Phase)


Obtaining binary options trading license for the EVP decentralized application, Launching SHR, planning and development of the Hashtag Mining decentralized application (MVP)


Launching Hashtag Miner game, planning and development of EVP. Development of the SGI Miner API (Main Launch)


Launching EVP, Establishing partnerships and ventures, seminars, Sentigraph University


Advantages of Using Sentigraph for Businesses

An introduction to the various benefits of the Sentigraph Index to any business is detailed in this article. Some of the benefits mentioned in this article include adjustment of marketing strategy, ability to measure your marketing campaign’s ROI, improve the quality of a business's products and services, enhance customer service, security, and increase in sales and revenue. This is an interesting overview. Read Article .


Executive team

Tochi Eke-Okoro

CEO & Founder, Sentigraph Inc.

Dmitry Kotlyarevsky

CTO & Software Engineer

Ammad Paracha

Project & Operations Manager

Sajjad Khan

Business Analyst

Christopher Eduardo

Marketing & Brand Manager

Leon Rademacher

Web Developer & Designer

Uzoma Osuagwu

Ecosystem Strategist

Jack Pardo

Global Community Manager

Min Bo Shim

Head of Marketing, Asia


Phillip Nunn

CEO, The Blackmore Group

Roger Crook

CEO, Capital Springboard & Ex CEO, DHL Global

Ali Kassab

Angel Investor & Serial Entrepreneur

Vladimir Nikitin

ICO Advisor & People of Blockchain (#2 on ICObench)

Dean Karakitsos

Futurist, Founder - Bloqchain Science

Nikolay Shkilev

ICO Advisor & Entrepreneur

George Han

Managing Partner at SNAP Ventures

Riasad Hadi Hossain

Blockchain Consultant & Social Media Expert




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